Application field

Biollagen™ has many applications in personal care such as face masks, creams, lotions & many other cosmetic products, due to its properties of: 


Anti-ageing, Anti-wrinkles, Skin reparation, Anti-UV, Moisturizing, Skin Firming as well as promoting cell growth.



It is safe to use due to its Non-animal origin, has zero risk of virus transmission. It’s low immunogenicity, non-allergenicity & no risk of rejection



Biollagen™ is high-performance collagen with excellent biocompatibility, High & Uniform transdermal absorptivity.



It has approximately 200 times the performance of traditional animal extracted collagen



Industrialised multi-step production ensures a consistent, high-quality product in compliance with



EffCI, GMPC, ISO22716



Biollagen™ is virtually odourless






Biollagen™ also has several medical applications such as collagen dressings scar repairing gels haemostatic sponges et al.